The November 20-21, 2010








  • Renée Rulon Cortez (incomplete)


2010 Awards presented at the Evening Concert

Nov 21, 2010

All Awards been subject to changes, pending review...

The Dr. Ernö Daniel Memorial Prize $ 1,000
The Zoltán Rozsnyai Memorial Prize $ 300
The American Liszt Society Award $ 500
The Peter Santoso Insurance Agency Award $ 350
The George B. Nesleny Memorial Prize $ 400
The Chiu Art Institute Award $ 200
The Ibolya Laslo Prize $ 200
--- and others in 2010 ---

Budapest Concert Winner received an all expense paid trip to Budapest to present a solo recital on

May, 28, 2010, at the prestigious Liszt Ferenc Museum and Research Centre.


Division IX. (New York Concert for Vocalists) Winner received an all expense paid trip to New York City to present a solo recital at the Hungarian Consulate.

Selected winners have been invited to perform in the following concerts:

Trinity United Methodist Church Concert in Pomona
Festival of the American Liszt Society
Ninth Annual Gyula Music Festival in Hungary
Nixon Library Concert
Hungarian-American Synergy Benefit Concert

Division X. (Budapest Concert for Pianists)

Winners in each Division (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, place)

Division X. Budapest Concert $1,000, 400, 300, 200, 100 and Plaque
Division IX. (New York Concert) $ 400, 200, 100 and Plaque
Division VII. (Concerto) $ 400, 200, 150, 100, 75 and Plaque
Division VI. (Longer Works) $ 150. 125, 100, 75, 50 andPlaque
Divisions I.
to V. and VIII. $125, 100, 75, 50, 25 and Plaque
Honorable Mention Certificate 

Cash Prizes of $ 50 for the Best "Performance of..." (excludes Budapest Concert):


Any Song Transcription
Any Opera Paraphrase or Transcription

Any Etude de Concert or Konzertetüden
Any Transcendental Etude

Any Hungarian Rhapsody
Any Paganini Etude
Any Hungarian RhapsodyAny piece from Années de Pèlerinage
Mephisto Waltz Awards for each ParticipantAlan Walker - Franz Liszt: The final years (1861-1886) Vol. III.
Certificate and Liszt Button
Reproduction of the metal engraving of Liszt, by Pál PaulovitsCD Awards:Recordings of Franz Liszt's works by prominent artistsAwards for each Budapest Concert Participant:Reproduction of the woodcut of the Liszt Memorial Museum in Budapest by Elza DésiCatalogue of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, autographed by director Maria Eckhardt