Adjudicators for the Piano Division include:

Michael Boyd, University of Toledo;

Alexander Djordjevic, Music Institute of Chicago;

Horst Förster, Founder/Conductor Akademisches Orchester Leipzig;

Jay Hershberger, Concordia College and President of the American Liszt Society;

Jenö Jandó, Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest;

Justin Kolb, Executive Secretary of the American Liszt Society;

José Raúl López, Florida International University in Miami;

Ksenia Nosikova, University of Iowa;

Éva Polgár, University of North Texas;

Logan Skelton, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor;

Steven Spooner, University of Kansas;

Orsolya Szabo, Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.


Adjudicators for the Organ Division include:

Frances Norbert, Whittier College, and

Philip Smith, Church of our Saviour, Disney Concert Hall.


Adjudicators for the Voice Division include:

Laura Strickling, New York City.

MeeAe Nam, Eastern Michigan University.